Adolescent Problems and Their Management


Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual developmental of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting refers to the aspects of raising a child aside from the biological relationship. Parents have to play the most important role during their child’s adolescence period as, during this period children are beginning to form their identity and are testing and developing the inter personal and occupational roles that they will assume as adults. Therefore it is important that parents must treat them as ‘young adults’. Helping the child build a strong foundation will help them to resist negative peer pressure. Hence it goes necessary for the parents, to know as well as understand the problems which adolescents suffer from and how to manage and tackle the situations. Parents go on and read below which you have been searching for; that what your child wants you to do. Yes, I can understand it really goes difficult sometimes to understand the needs and wants of ‘young adults’- of this new generation.

Adolescence is a period of uncertain beginning and ending that cannot be dated exactly. But, generally, it is considered that this age is the age of 12 to 18 years. This age is started by changes in our glands of internal secretion not only in the sex glands but other glands also. In fact, it is a period of fast growth and development. Although they lack the mental and social maturity yet they feel and try to act like grown-ups. It means a child of this age group tends to be self-dependent. During this period, many physical, physiological, mental, social and emotional changes take place. There is extraordinary increase in weight, in height, in bones, in muscles and in strength. Physical growth becomes rapid in the beginning. Boys start appearing like men and girls like women.

Owing to various changes, children of this age group face many problems. Indeed, it is very delicate period of their life. The major problems, which adolescents face, are described below:

1.PHYSICAL PROBLEMS: During adolescence, many bodily or physically changes take place. Menstruation and nightfall become a phenomenon for girls and boys respectively. Development of sex glands takes place. Due to these changes, adolescents feel restless and worried.

2.MENTAL PROBLEMS: During this age stress, tension and strife are common. These traits create many mental problems. An adolescent faces many problems such as difficulty in cooperating with others, maladjustment, etc. He faces anxiety.

3.PROBLEM OF AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR: In this age group, children tend to show aggressive behavior. They become aggressive on small matters. They become irritated easily. When they are asked to do certain activity, they become repulsive. This behavior needs to be tackled with care and politely. Avoid being strict towards them.  

4.LACK OF STABILITY AND ADJUSTMENT: An adolescent does not remain stable and he faces adjustment problem. His behavior does not remain constant. He feels himself unable to adjust with other people. He fails to coordinate with others. Not only outside but he cannot adjust himself in his family. He feels that he is under pressure of his parents. He wants to have free atmosphere at home.

5.EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS: The life of an adolescent is full of emotions. Under such emotions, he performs some uphill task, which seems to be impossible in the beginning. Sometimes he seems to be very and at the same time he becomes sad.

6. PROBLEMS RELATED TO SEX: During adolescence children face many problems, which are related to sex. They try to meet the opposite sex. Sometimes, they become so eager that they do not hesitate to leave their family. They feel restless due to their sexual urge. At this period of their life parents should make them understand the rights and wrongs, without any hesitation.

7.PROBLEMS OF SELF SUPPORT: Each and every adolescent needs self support. He wants to make his own place in society. He desires to live a fruitful life.

8.FEELING OF IMPORTANCE: An adolescent begins to understand himself important. He thinks that he should also get respect. But, sometimes, parents do not take it seriously. They fail to understand the feelings of adolescent. That’s why he feels himself unimportant and it becomes a great problem.

9.SOCIAL PROBLEMS: It has been observed that adolescents want to adopt their own way. But society creates many hindrances in their paths. So, adolescents revolt against the social customs and traditions. Friends are very important for this age group. They share their views, knowledge and experience and hence, sometimes, the group acts as the medium of spreading social vices and dissatisfaction. If this group gets proper guidance, it is the best institution for developing sociability, confidence and comprehension. These adolescents fall prey to intoxication, i.e., alcohol, drugs and smoking.

Now, it is clear that adolescence is a stage of stress and tension. But, up to some extent, it depends upon the environment, which is given to them. In certain societies, where good environment is provided to adolescents, they face less problems. But it cannot be denied that it is the stage of problems and if these problems are not solved, the consequences can be dangerous. The parents can play a vital role in dealing with the problems of adolescents. It seems to be easy but difficult to perform. It needs systematic efforts. The following suggestions can be beneficial for the management of these problems:

1.EDUCATION FOR MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: An adolescent should be provided the education for his motor development. He should be encouraged to play various games and sports. Through these games and sports, his motor development will take place properly. I would say, ‘if left un-exercised at this stage, a flabby constitution for the rest of life is the result.

2.EDUCATION OF PSYCHOLOGY: Parents should be able to understand the psychology of an adolescent. It is essential to sort out the problems and their management.

3.SEX EDUCATION: Parents should provide sex education without hesitation, so that they may not depend on others and may not resort to cheap literature. 

4.MORAL AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Religious and moral education will give them mental peace. Through moral education, some problems like indiscipline, anxiety and worry can be tackled easily.

5.TO PROVIDE SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT: Adolescents should be provided suitable environment for growth and development and should be provided proper facilities and opportunities for proper development. They should be taught how to behave and live. Parents should look after health problems of adolescents and should be provided balanced diet.

6.ADEQUATE INDEPENDENCE: Adolescents want freedom in every facet of life. They wish to express their views independendently. They should be given proper chance to express their feelings and expressions. They should be allowed to go for picnic and other recreational activities. Orders should not be imposed on them. Parents should try to understand the sentiments of adolescents.

It can be concluded that adolescence is the age of struggles. Attention should be paid to the needs and problems of adolescents. This will be beneficial for the amelioration of our country.



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