Abscessed tooth: symptoms, prevention and treatment


An abscessed tooth is infection of tooth and surrounding area the mouth, face, jaw, or throat due presence of untreated cavity, damage to tooth and gum disease. Gum disease caused when gums are mechanically pulled away from teeth creating pockets. Presence of food in these empty pockets leads to bacterial growth and abscess formation. Over period of Time, abscess causes bone around tooth to dissolve.

Symptoms include:

  • Red swollen gums.
  • Salty taste in mouth.
  • Throbbing pain at chewing activity.
  • Swelling of jaw or face region.
  • Occurrence of fever.
  • Presence of swollen bumpy appearance in mouth with pus or blood outflow.

An advanced infection in abscessed tooth, can lead to nausea, fever, vomiting and chills.

Repeated incidences of severe toothache, swelling of tooth and face areas and drainage of pus should be consulted with your dentist. Infection can spread and jaw may start dissolving that is alarming for your dental health. Intensity of tooth pain due to infection may vary from person to person. Excessive bone loss can loosen your tooth leading to surgical removal of tooth.

Proper follow-up and prompt health care is needed to re-assess the condition of abscessed tooth infection with your dentist.

An abscessed tooth needs treatment right away. Your dentist may:

  • Prescribe antibiotics to kill bacteria causing the infection.
  • Perform root canal removal to remove infected pulp in the tooth.
  • Remove infection and provide relief from pain.
  • Create hole in tooth through surgical intervention to drain infection and relieve pain.
  • Press for tooth removal in case of non-functional root canal present in pulp of teeth.

You can take first aid at home in form of placing ice pack wrapped in towel against your cheek. Over the counter pain medicine such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be taken in case of excessive tooth pain but after getting doctor consultation. Abstain from smoke and any form of tobacco while your tooth is healing. Early tooth decay discovery can be treated promptly, and cavities that develop to abscesses can be corrected. Dry mouth symptom increases risk for developing deep cavities and tooth infections. Frequent water uptake at different times in a day and prevent dry mouth.

The best way to prevent abscessed tooth is as following

  • Brush your teeth 2 times a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Regularly clean the area between your teeth with dental floss.
  • Pay regular visits to your dentist for maintain dental hygiene.
  • Shift to healthy diet, avoid sugar rich food & drinks and carbonated drinks.



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