8 tips to take good care in Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the right time to start taking really good care of mother and fetus. Here are 8 important tips for every pregnant woman to take good care of themselves and their unborn baby.

  1.  Preconception check up – This is a medical procedure for mother before pregnancy to make sure that she is healthy and ready for pregnancy. This will avoid any kind of complications to occur in future.
  2.  Incorporate healthy, balanced diet – Eating healthy food and balanced diet will make both mother and baby healthy. A balance diet will also reduce the risks of pregnancy complications (such as anaemia, obesity, gestational diabetes) and may also minimize symptoms like morning sickness, fatigue. A well balanced diet including protein, vitamin C, calcium, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, iron rich foods, and adequate fat will help to ensure proper health of mother and baby throughout the nine months of pregnancy.
  3. Maintaining a healthy weight – It’s important to maintain a healthy weight gain  (20-25 extra pounds) while eating good food which is considered normal during pregancy.
  4. Try to avid certain foods – Some foods are not safe to eat in pregnancy as they cause healthy problem for baby and mother too. Therefore it is recommended to avoid unpasteurized milk or juice, refrigerated foods, food and undercooked meat, and undercooked ready meals. Incase of any type of allergy toward any food, it should be discussed with your gynaecologist before taking any strong decision.
  5. Make use of prenatal vitamins in diet – Prenatal vitamin supplements such as folic acid, vitamins and  iron are very  important part of pregnancy nutrition. Folic acid is very important for proper development fetal brain and it’s growth. Also one should incorporate calcium in diet which will make baby’s bone stonger.
  6. Indulge in regular exercise – Moderate amount of exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga is considered safe for pregnant women which   helps in good blood circulation, strengthen muscles, and decrease stress. But again one has to discuss with their doctor or health expert before starting with any kind of exercise as other factors such as age, medical history will be considered.
  7. Avoid bad habits –It is important to cut down on  bad habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption and caffeine intake during pregnancy. Heavy drinking can lead to complications such as miscarriage, premature labor and delivery, low birth weight, stillbirth, abnormal growth, developments problems in childhood. Similarly, cigarette causes vaginal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, premature placental detachment, premature labor and delivery.
  8. Get adequate rest and sleep – Make sure to get enough sleep and rest during the entire pregnancy period.

Have a safe and healthy nine months journey during pregnancy!!



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