7 Major Health benefits of running


Running is always found to be one of the best and easiest exercise for any age group. This exercise is found to have positive effect on overall body thus improving the overall health of a person. Let’s have a quick look to the following health benefits that running has on our body.

1.) Running decreases the risk of heart disease: researchers believe that running can actually cut down risk of death by cardiovascular diseases by 45%. It is found that running improves blood pressure, raises HDL (good) cholesterol and improves blood sugar sensitivity.

2.) Running burns calories: If you have planned to lose weight and extra calories desperately than running is the best exercise. Try to indulge in running exercises such as long running or cardio in gym to remove those extra ponds from your body and make you slim.

3.) Running strengthens your joints: Don’t think that running will damage your joints whereas running on contrary helps to keep joint strong. This is because running increases blood flow towards joints and other parts of body thus providing more supply of oxygen and flushing out toxins from body. It also helps to strengthens joint bones and ligament increasing its flexibility.

4.) Running improve your eye health: eyes get constantly affected by various diseases and health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown running fight all such ailments and thus can lower your risk for developing eye problems such as vision clouding cataracts.

5.) Running relieves stress: Researchers have shown that when you are stressed out, indulging in exercise such as running helps to relieve from anxiety and tension as compared to just relaxing or lying down.

6.) Running fight certain cancer: Studies have proved running decreases the risk of breast cancer in women especially in their menopause. Breast cancer survivors who indulge in running than merely walking have found to show significant reduction in breast cancer mortality.

7.) Running boost your overall confidence: running has several health benefits but it also increases your confidence level as you try to run farther and faster than before. Therefore running mile without stopping or taking break comes with great sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

Hope the above points must have motivated you to indulge in this important and effective exercise which requires no machines and instructor. And hence is the easiest way to keep your body healthy and fit.



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