4 Ways to Cheer-Up your Child


Kids seems to be too young to have problems, worries, or tensions in their life, but they too get stressed and take tensions when it come to their school problems, studies or about their friends. Many parents try to make their kids happy by tempting them, by giving sweets, ice-creams, cookies, allowing to watch their favourite shows on TV or giving them free use of video games which is absolute wrong way of treating their problems. Health experts always say, you shouldn’t buy their happiness and smiles but you should teach them the skills and various ways to overcome sadness and anger which will help them in their future life too. Hence there are much better ways to deal with your child worries and sadness. Here are some tips for parents to follow:

Spend time and play together

Children get very upset with their friends in school easily so they feel left alone. In such time spending more time and playing with them will get them out of such stress and will make them feel special and loved. Health experts says kids really thrive on having sensitive and caring attention from their parents and elder ones. Secondly try to play with them in your most free time, such as taking a walk or riding a bicycle together. Such exercise will also teach them to overcome stress and tension by involving in physical activities.

Talk to them

It’s difficult for children to express their feelings in early stage of their life. That’s why they don’t know when they depressed or frustrated but they only understand that they are unhappy and sad. That is the most crucial time for every parents to sit and talk to them and help them to express their feelings and emotions. It’s also important understand when they are scared or afraid, and you need to show your care and support in such situations to them. Try to explain them also how to deal with such situation in life next when they face the same situation and feel better.

Give them alone time

Sometimes giving them some quite time is also very important. Quite time to play will help them to learn how to be self-reliant which will teach them to stay independent and relaxed.

Get them to bed at regular time

It’s always important to set their regular time to go to bed which will set up their daily schedule. Sometimes some kids get cranky just because they have not slept well and enough and they are very tired. So making them relax and calm down is the best way to remove their anger and excitement. And also you need to teach them regular and proper amount of sleep is as important as playing and eating for body to keep them energetic and healthy.

And most important is to spend good amount of time with them with all care, concern and support which they need in their crucial childhood.



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