women and child welfare


Women plays a crucial role in projecting our culture. They play an important role in confidence building and create awareness in their children and family. Similarly children are also very important part of our society and are future of our country. Hence both cannot be neglected for better development of country and need special attention and protection. The department of women and child development was started in the year of 1985 as apart of Ministry of Human Resource Development to give encouragement to holistic development of women and children.

The main objectives for women and child welfare includes:

Development of women and child

To provide alternative shelter based rehabilitation through institutional treatment

To provide and improve nutritional status of children and women

To create awareness among rural women to improve overall living conditions

To prevent children from being neglected and exploited

Women welfare

Women is a very important part of our family and society too. It is always said if women in family gets education, the entire family gets benefited. However women all over world suffers from gender discrimination and devaluation at home, at workplace. Hence it’s very important for individual as well as society to change their attitude towards women. Therefore government have started with some important schemes for women to improve their current status in country.

Schemes for women areas follows:

Providing scholarship for girl child

Providing scholarship for disabled girl student and encouraging for self-employment

Providing help and assistance in getting job for women

Special schools for poor girls and physically challenged students

Widow Remarriage

Children welfare

Though child labor has been banned by law, but many places employment of child labor go unnoticed. Hence it is duty of every individual and government to understand the importance of child and see that he or she gets their rights equally.

Followings are some of the highlights for children welfare:

All children have right to love and understanding

All children should be provided proper education

They should be provided nutritional food and proper medical care

They should be given proper protection facilities

Hence the Department of Women and Child Welfare is started with main objective to provide all necessities and rights they deserve in their lives.



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