What makes breakfast the most important meal?


In the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, people tend to miss out on some really important things, breakfast being one of them. In the morning everyone is in such a hurry to reach their respective destinations that they ignore the day’s first essential meal. They overlook the various advantages that breakfast has and thus indulge into some very unhealthy activities. Their mental and physical health suffers. Beginning the day with proper breakfast is of utmost importance. Not only does it keep you going through the day, it also has some very positive effects on your health. Exploring some of the advantages of breakfast below.

•The dinner you had was more than 10 to 12 hours ago. Your stomach has not been fed anything since then. And in order for you to survive the day, you need to refuel your stomach. The body cannot endure the long-time gap between two meals if you skip breakfast. Skipping the breakfast has adverse effects on the body’s metabolism. 

•Not having a healthy breakfast results in concentration issues. Your child will not be able to concentrate in school if he does not have a proper breakfast in the morning. How do you expect him to concentrate when all he can hear is the growling of his stomach? How much ever reluctant he might be in the morning, it is necessary to make him understand the importance of breakfast. It makes you feel energetic and also enhances the power of your brain. 

•Having unusual weight issues? Well, the reason might be an improper breakfast. People who are dealing with increased body weight and obesity might be in need of checking their breakfast menu. A healthy breakfast not only controls the body weight, but also maintains it. It reduces the chance of obesity.

•You will not feel the need of munch upon unhealthy snacks if you have breakfast in the morning. If you go to office or school with an empty stomach, you will obviously begin to feel hungry long before it is lunch time. Thus you will crave for something and anything to eat, even if it means consuming snacks which are so not your stomach’s friend. While a hearty breakfast in the morning will keep such cravings at bay.

•The body constantly needs energy to keep going. When it doesn't get the required energy from breakfast (because you missed it!), it tends to suck in the energy from the energy reserves of the body. It leaves you stressed out and frustrated due to the stress hormones that get released. While a proper intake of breakfast in the morning conserves your energy.

•Skipping the breakfast might increase the chances of you getting a chronic disease. A healthy breakfast contains certain nutrients and vitamins that keep such diseases like heart attack and diabetes away. It maintains cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.

Thus breakfast is undoubtedly the most essential meal of the day. Next time you decide to skip this meal, remember all these pointers and realize what you are subjecting your body to. 



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