What are you allergic to?


Allergic reactions are those reactions when your immune system reacts abnormally to different foreign substances which are usually harmless to your body such as pollen grains, animal hair or any kind of food. Reports says that nearly 20% of U.S citizens show allergic reactions. These reactions can be mild in some cases, where in some may cause severe conditions. Here are few examples of some common allergens that usually cause allergic reactions in human body.

Pollen grains

Pollen from trees, grasses, weeds and some flowers are capable to trigger allergic reactions in human which are more categorised as seasonal allergies.  This lead to symptoms like sensing, breathing problem, runny nose, skin irritation, wheezing and watery eyes. The best way to prevent is to not get exposed in such seasons when pollens grains are high in air.


Some substance produced by molds or fungi create allergic reactions in some people when you inhale these fungi spores or when you touch them. These molds mostly grow in moist areas like in bathrooms, on walls or in basement where they get plenty of moisture to grow and produce spores. Therefore try to keep your bathroom and other areas in house moisture free, not to allow them to grow and try to ventilate house regularly.


Some food also causes allergy in sensitive people when they consume them. Example of such allergic food are milk, shellfish, eggs and nuts. Common symptoms of food allergy are vomiting, diarrhoea, swelling mostly around mouth and other parts of body, skin rash, breathing problem, nausea etc. In some these food allergens can cause mild reactions where in some it can lead to severe health problems. Hence doctors always advice to keep such foods away from your plate. And in case if you get reaction due to food allergy, normally epinephrine injections are given to prevent its symptoms.

Insect stings

Insect stings and bite are considered to have one of the dangerous effects on human body as they are responsible to cause severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). Example of such insects ate tse tse flies, fire ants, bullet ants, giant hornet, kissing bug etc. The major symptoms associated with them are swelling in affected area, rash, redness followed by nausea, fatigue and severe conditions like fever, breathing problem, increase in heart beat, excessive seating, dizziness, drop in blood pressure which if kept untreated for long time can be life threatening too. Therefore if you experience these allergic reactions, you need to consult your doctor immediately where you may be administered with epinephrine injection to decrease their effect.

Animal dander

Allergic reactions with animals occurs mainly when you come in contact with the proteins secreted by their oil glands or with their saliva. Such allergy might not develop soon and may take some time to occur. And usually goes only when you stop coming in contact with such animals. So try to maintain hygiene and cleanliness if you have pet in house. And it is also recommended to carry out frequent ventilation in places where you keep your pet and other areas in your house too.


Latex in gloves and some medical devices can produce what it is called a latex allergy. Symptoms include skin rash, eye irritation, sneezing, wheezing and nose itching. Hence best way is to avoid such products which contain latex if are sensitive to it.


Some fragrance which are found in products like perfumes, scented candles, laundry detergents and some cosmetics are found to produce mild to severe allergic reaction too. You start getting irritation and breathing problems when you come in contact with such fragrance. And the symptoms goes once the scent is gone.

So, these are some common allergens which can make you uncomfortable when you come in contact with them, hence it is best recommended to avoid and prevent using such product or getting exposed to them to keep you away from their symptoms. 



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