Tips to Increase your Stamina for Healthy Life


Stamina refers to both mental and physical strength of a body to keep you going and completing task without getting tired and stressed. Where physical stamina builds your muscular strength, mental stamina helps to fight illness and diseases and build your mental power and focus. As both physical and mental strength are interconnected and very important, improving both stamina is a great choice to lead a healthy and happy life. Therefore athletes who have good physical strength are also required to be mentally fit to complete their tasks till the end of game to achieve their goal.

Following are some of the points to follow to build good stamina and lead healthy life: 

Stamina from diet: Food act as the fuel for our body to give energy. A healthy and well balanced diet keeps our body healthy and energized, raising our stamina. This is achieved my eating nutritious, well balanced diet containing adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein and low fat diet that include plenty of fruits, vegetables and high fibre diet. Health professional says to keep your body supplied with energy throughout, one should incorporate eating several smaller meals throughout the day rather than just one or two large meals. Carry high-energy fruit, fruit juice, protein shakes or nut mixes during various physical workouts or other physical activities like hiking, cycling to supply adequate energy level to the body.

Stay hydrated: Along with good food, body requires plenty supply of water for various functions to carry out. Proper amount of water helps to lose weight and also to prevent various illness such as kidney stones which can make your body ill and unfit. Muscles that remains under hydrated perform inefficient while carrying out physical activities, hence very important to keep your body hydrated by drinking around 17 ounces of water daily. Your gym instructor and health experts will also recommend you to consume high energy rich drinks during heavy workouts to supply important electrolytes to your body which are lost in sweating.

Develop Physical Stamina: Cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics, running, biking, and dancing helps not only to develop your muscle power but also exercises your heart, lungs which increases the efficiency to supply oxygen to muscles and other parts of body. Strength- building exercises such as push ups, weightlifting helps to build muscle power and therefore increases your overall stamina.

Get good amount of rest: As food, water and other exercises are important for body, similarly body requires good amount of sleep to provide rest for brain and other parts of body to build mental stamina. Inadequate sleep will make you groggy, under-performing and irritated. And it is also seen that bad sleeping habits are related with number of health issues such as weight gain, high blood pressure and heart problems. Therefore a good night rest makes you more refreshed, energised and focussed to do better work.

Conclusion: In this busy and developing world, It is important to work to fulfil your needs and dreams, but is equally important to stay happy and fit. Even if you are very busy, try to incorporate these simple tips in your daily life to increase your overall stamina and to lead a healthy and active life.



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