Tips to Hide those White Flakes: Dandruff


Tired of taking care of those white flakes or dandruff on your head by following number of home remedies and using anti-dandruff creams and shampoos to get rid of them. Then for some time, just relax and take a break and try alternate option to hide them. Try to opt for some simple tips to hide these irritating flakes which puts you in embarrassing movement in front of others either at office, parties or at family get together. These are very simple tips and following them might not solve your problem of having dandruff but atleast will not put you in embarrassed situation too, again and again which affect your self-confidence and respect.

Therefore here are these simple tips to hide your irritating dandruff

Use light color dress - Opt for light color dresses and shirts especially the top dress such as whites, silvers or some like color metallic. Some patterns and textures on dress can also help to hide dandruff.

Use brush often - Always carry a lint brush in your handbag to give touch up to your hair in between all day work.

Try different hair style - Use such style for hair which will camouflage your dandruff problem. Such as cover that part of your head area that has more dandruff with your different hair style.

Leave hair open more often - Try to leave them open if you have more dandruff as tying them tight may make white flakes more visible.

Use hair lightening products - Try to use some hair lightening cream or hair color to make them less visible. But be sure to choose the best one as many available in market can irritate your scalp causing more dandruff.

Use cap or cover your head  - The best way to hide your irritating dandruff is to cover your hair by simply wrapping a scarf, a headband, or a cap. This will also protect your scalp and hair from harmful UV rays in hot sun which can cause more irritation and dandruff.

So next time when you have no other option to take care of your irritating dandruff, please follow these simple tips to face dandruff problem smartly. But remember these are just temporary solution, and if you want to really get rid of those white flakes on your head, and you have tried every home remedy to get rid of them, then it’s time to visit a good dermatologist to find the permanent solution for your dandruff problem.



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