Tips to Help Children to develop Good and Healthy habits


Help your child to develop good and healthy habits early in their life so that it will live with them lifelong. As a parent and guardians it is your foremost duty to encourage children to indulge them in goof food habits and in physical exercises. Here are some tips and guidance which will help you to get started.

Keep things positive- Many kids don’t like to do what they don’t want to do so don’t force them, instead give them those task which they like to hear and do. Keep it positive and full of fun. Try to praise them when they get work completed and celebrate their small success in house.

Get whole family together- Plan properly so that whole family can get together and participate in small task such as watching TV together, eating, evening walk etc. spend time with family by indulging in games in garden or swimming area. This will have dual benefits as everyone will be involved in physical activity and will share time together.

Limit time on TV, video games and on computer – These habits are not healthy as they lead to sedentary lifestyle and excessive snacking that further result in obesity or cardiovascular problems. Try to set time for watching TV and on computer as excessive watching can also spoil eye sight in children.

Encourage more of physical activities – Every child is different and has different like and dislikes. And therefore they too have their own choice of selecting physical activities. Encourage those sports and games which they like as they will spend more time in that and thus that will help their health too.

Be a role model- you don’t have to be perfect for your kids. But definitely be a good role model so that they learn watching you and your habits that will remain with them throughout their life.

Try to incorporate these tips which will surely help you to develop good and healthy habits in your kid.



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