Tips for the Perfect Pedicure


You may think your feet and toenails look ugly sometimes when you don’t take proper care of them. Therefore to look beautiful from head to toe, you need to take care of your toe nails and feet by doing regular pedicure. Here are list of some good tips for the perfect pedicure method.

Trim your toenails regularly – Make sure you trim your nails regularly to prevent any ingrown toenails and also to make them strong.

Don’t cut your cuticles – Cuticles helps to keep germs away from toe thus preventing any infection in it. Therefore you should never cut them and if you want you can soften them by using moisturizer. 

Take care of your calluses – Calluses and corns are the hardened areas of skin that can develop crack if they become too thick. Try to soak your feet in warm water for some time and then using foot file, pumice stone or scrub, exfoliate the dead and dry skin cells from calluses area. Apply moisturizer after removing dead skin cells. And it is best to avoid going barefoot to prevent formation of calluses.

Use your own tool- You can take your own pedicure tools to salon if you feel self-conscious. And in case you using theirs, check that they are heat sterilized, or cleaned with antibacterial solution or are pre-packaged in bags. This will prevent the chances of any infection from such areas.

Select your proper nail polish remover - Most of the nail polish remover contain acetone which can dry your nails and make them harsh too. Hence it is best to go for acetone free remover if you have not applied dark or very thick color. Acetone free nail polish remover works best but only takes little more time to remove as compared to acetone based ones.

Remove nail polish frequently - Living dark and dramatic shades of nail polish color such as red and purple on your nails for long time can stain then yellow. Therefore try to remove such color before it stains your nails using proper nail polish remover and keep them clean and without any color for some time for natural look.

Go natural once in a while - Always colouring your nails is not a good idea to keep nails healthy as the color act as a barrier for nails to breathe and get moisture. So skip the nail polish for a week in between a month and enjoy the low-maintenance look sometimes which would be healthy for your nails.

So don’t neglect your toenails and feet and try to keep them clean healthy and beautiful…..



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