Tips for Spring season Caution


Spring season brings warmth and brighter expectations for summer. Some cautions can relieve your tension and health worries this season.

1). Occurrences of pollen allergies reach peak at this time of the year.  The instances of itchy eyes, sore throat, sneezing, hives or rash runny nose, headache, fatigue and or respiratory difficulty are indication of pollen allergies. If you happen to be allergic to pollens, avoid coming in contact with sources of pollen and have preventive medication as prescribed by your doctor.

2). Appreciate arrival of spring season, prepare for spring cleaning and sanitize your spaces with disinfectants. Wear protective mask and gloves while dusting and cleaning your floors. Effectively seal holes with proper adhesives to restrict rodents from entering and inhibiting your living space.

3). As temperature changes, instances of hypothermia and frostbites increase. A visit to local health worker ensures proper care and hygiene.

4). Enjoy warmth of sun-rays that are natural source of Vitamin D for your body. Strike a right balance for your exposure to morning sunrays. A prolonged exposure or dangerous exposure during the day hours that can potentially cause serious skin burns, heat stroke.

5). Most skin care lotion bottle available in market mention the value of Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Higher the SPF number, greater is the protection shield.

6). Drink ample amount of water during the day to beat sun heat. Installing water purifier, water filtration equipment at your house or work place can curb water born infection for you.

7). Eatables should be stored at temperature below 4 C to prevent bacterial contamination.

8). Ensure that meat products are bought from safer sources to avoid instances of bio-accumulation.



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