The Good Fats in Avocados helps Weight loss


The Good Fats in Avocados helps Weight loss Avocados are generally neglected fruit by many of us, thinking that they contain more amount of fat as compared to other fruits and vegetables. Avocados are high in calorie i.e. around 100gms of fresh fruit provide 160 calories. But do we know that the fat content present in avocados are unusual and are considered good for health. Most of the fatty acid present in avocados are known as monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) mainly oleic acid and are much more likely to be utilized by our body as a slow burning energy source than saturated fat.

Avocados can be easily incorporated in weight loss diet because it helps in losing weight. This is because of the presence of this unusual healthy fat content MUFAs. It is observed that increasing intake of monounsaturated fats in diet as compared to both polyunsaturated fats and carbohydrates results in marked improvement in insulin sensitivity and glycemic control. Both these factors (insulin sensitivity and glycemic control) are major responsible for weight gain and further development of diabetes. Avocados are also rich source of fibre which makes you feel full when you substitute them in place of unhealthy carbohydrates snacks thus preventing overeating. Therefore eating avocados proves to be helpful in regulating blood sugars, burning fat and prevent overeating which overall helps to lose weight.

Below are some simple remedies to incorporate this valuable fruit Avocado in Easy ways to include avocados in your diet.

• Make use of avocadoes slices in sandwiches and on toast as a substitute for butter, mayonnaise or cream to reduce the intake of cholesterol, calories, saturated fat and sodium.

• Diced or mashed avocados forms an excellent dip for chips, veggie sticks or other snacks. You can stuff them into burgers with lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables, they taste delicious.

• Try to incorporate this fruit pieces along with your favourites fruits in fruit salads, ice cream, puddings and cakes.

• You cake make delicious milkshake or smoothie using pulp of this fruit with milk and sugar. They can be also mixed with other fruits like bananas.

• The easiest way to use this fruit is to eat it plain in its natural way just like other fruits. You can peel the outer skin smoothly and scoop the inner pulp and eat it or slice it. You can sprinkle pinch of lemon juice on slices of avocado just for the twist.

Thus to conclude “Eating avocados regularly can prevent from overeating and gaining unwanted fat. Stick to quarter or half of avocado and watch the belly fat melt away”. Hence the main aim of this article is to spread the awareness that simple home remedies such as incorporating valuable and medicinal fruits like avocados in your diet can also make you lose weight.



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