Swimming: Learn the benefits of this exercise


We often hear from others saying “swimming is the best exercise”but how many us really take out time from our busy schedule to go to pool and learn the process of swimming. On contrary we choose the easy way out and join gym to work on tread mill or do cycling as these machines are easily available in all gyms.

Here are some of the benefits for those who really want to know how swimming can help better than other exercises and hope the following information help get you started.

Benefits of Swimming

Swimming improves health fitness – Swimming is a very good aerobic exercise. As water provides 12 to 14% resistance as compared to air, it helps to tone the muscle without the need to use weights. Swimming exercise also enhance joint flexibility especially in shoulders, hips and around neck.

Swimming helps to lose weight – When combined with healthy diet, regular swimming exercise helps to lose weight faster than other activities giving you firm, lean and defined body.

Swimming helps to burn calories – Swimming for an hour can burn up to 650 calories which is more than walking or biking. Engaging in more vigorous swimming activities,like competitive swimming will burn more calories.

Swimming helps building muscle mass – Swimming is a good muscle building exercise because the water provides resistance that make muscles work harder.

Swimming improves flexibility – Swimming relaxes muscles, increases flexibility and enables stretching.

Swimming builds cardio respiratory fitness –Swimming is an aerobic exercise, beneficial for cardiovascular health by improving the flow of blood.

Swimming is a family affair and break from summer heat – Swimming and other water activities are exercises where entire family can share and enjoy. With rising levels of obesity in children and adults water activities like swimming has played important role in reducing weight and improving health.

Swimming reduces stress – Engaging in water sports like swimming can also improve your physical well-being by enhancing your mental state thus reducing your stress level.

Swimming was recorded from prehistoric time but it became apart of first Olympic game in 1896 in Athens. And in 1908, the world swimming association known  as Federation Internationale de Natation was formed.



How to get started with swimming?

A qualified swim instructor will guide you with beginning lessons on swimming which are very important to start the process. The instructor will use kick boards, floats board, other floating devices as a protective measures. Swim goggles are used to protect your eyes from chlorine used in water.And instructor will guide you mainly on basic skills such as head and body position, breathing, floating, hip rotation, arm movements, and most important submersion and survival techniques. The main goal is to improve confidence and self-reliance in the water making swimming an enjoyable exercise.

Swimming proves to be an excellent exercise for your entire body- heart, lungs and muscle thus it is not just playing in the pool, but itis more about the health and fitness of the body.



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