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Have you ever notice, many people complaining about bones related problems once they hit 30s. Yes, this is the fact that as we grow older, our bones tends to lose their density and strength and become brittle and weak. There are number of treatments involved now a days to take care of your bones where healthy and well balanced diet plays a very crucial role. Do you know there are some foods which cause magical effect on bones making them stronger and healthier and hence such food are referred as “superfoods”? Here is the list of food that helps in building stronger bones.

Dairy products

Milk, cheese and yogurt are the major source of calcium which is an essential mineral required for bone formation and it’s functioning. A single cup of milk (whole, low-fat or skimmed) contains around 300mgs of calcium hence considered to be a rich source of calcium for all age group people. Incase if you are not so fond of milk or suffer from lactose intolerance problem, you can opt for yogurt and cheese in place of milk which are also contain good amount of calcium as milk. Another good news for lactose intolerant people is that they can use lactose free dairy products as removing of lactose does not hinder calcium content of dairy products.

Green vegetables

Don’t be surprised if I say, green vegetables are also excellent in calcium content such as turnip green, Chinese cabbage, bok choy and kale. One cup of chopped, cooked turnip greens conatin almost 200mgs of calcium, hence including vegetable regularly in diet can help you build your bone strength and power too.


Fish such as sardines are also very rich in calcium just like milk and cheese. It is reported that those tiny small bones in fish can serve very good source of calcium when incorporated in your diet food. Three ounces of canned sardines can deliver actually little more calcium than a cup of milk, hence if you are not vegetable lover, include such fish in your diet as a source of calcium.

As we all know, vitamin D is very crucial component required in body for calcium absorption, food sources which contain vitamin D are as important as those containing calcium for proper bone formation. Salmon is one of the fatty fish which is excellent source of vitamin D and omega 3 –fatty acids, both which assists in bone formation. Now a day’s fish oil supplements are also used by women to provide necessary vitamins to body which helps to prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Nuts and Seeds

Peanuts are good source of potassium which help prevent calcium loss in body through urine and hence very important for bone functioning. Walnuts and flaxseed are other sources of omega 3 fatty acids that also plays crucial role in building strong bone.


Exposure to sunrays is as important as including vitamins food sources in diet as sunshine helps body to produce vitamin D in sufficient quantity required for absorption of calcium in body.

Avoid salt

Salt is a major culprit for calcium loss in body through urine and hence shifting to low sodium intake is a smarter choice to get maximum calcium in body for formation of stronger bones.

Therefore take a note of these list of foods that can help you get stronger and healthy bones and prevent the risk of bone related disorder in your later stages of life.



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