Should i take pregnancy test?


Have you missed periods this month? Are there any signs of vomiting,nausea and dizziness? If yes, then don’t panic. This could be signs of early pregnancy and you should be taking pregnancy test immediately to confirm whether you pregnant or not.

What is pregnancy test?

Pregnancy test is a test that determines whether the women is pregnant or not.

How does it work?

Pregnancy test are designed to check the presence hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in blood or in urine sample. Thishormone is produced after the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of uteruswhich is formed after six to twelve days from fertilization of egg.

What types ofpregnancy test are available?

There are two main type of pregnancy test.

Urine test whichdetect the presence of hCG hormone in urine sample and can be done at home orat doctor’s clinic. Many women choose to take home pregnancy test almost aftera week of missed period as they are private and convenient to carry out.

Blood test whichdetect the presence of hCG hormone in blood and are carried out in pathologylab. This test can detect pregnancy about six to eight days after ovulation.But it takes longer to detect than home pregnancy test. A qualitative hCG blood test detects the presence or absence of the hormone whereas quantitative determines the exact amount of hCG present in your blood.

How accurate are homepregnancy test?

Urine home pregnancy test are usually 97% accurate. Andtheir accuracy depends on

How closely you follow their instructions

How soon after pregnancy you took the test:

The sensitivity of urine pregnancy test

Expiry date of pregnancy strip

How does home pregnancy test works?

Home pregnancy kits are commonly available at chemist shop or in super markets. They generally require you to place few drops of urine onthe strip. The strip takes few minutes to absorb the liquid and indicates theresults accordingly. It is better to do test in early morning as it gives mostaccurate test. And it is advisable to read the instructions given in kit carefully and follow to get best results.

Timing of the pregnancy test

You can take pregnancy test as soon as you missed your period. Some pregnancy test work even before few days before you missed your period which depends on the quantity of hCG hormone produced in your body. Butthe best way is to follow the instructions given in test box to get itseffective results.

False negative results may occur if the test is done tooearly therefore the best time to do test is after 8 to 10 days from ovulation

Similarly false positive test may also occur for several reasons like errors while taking test, use of drugs containing hCG molecule,and non-pregnant production of hCG molecule. Sometimes women going throughinfertility treatment can show false positive test because they are given hCGinjection as part of treatment procedure. Some diseases of liver, cancer canlead to elevated production of hCG thus showing false positive pregnancy test.

Most home pregnancy test gives you reliable result until you wait for some time after you missed your periods. And even after waiting for some time you find negative results then it is recommended to seek medical advice conformation of pregnancy condition. So make an appointment with your doctoronce you notice pregnancy symptoms and celebrate the exciting journey ahead! 



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