Promising Arthritis Natural Treatment: Avocado/ Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASUs)


Studies were carried out using these special extracts of avocado and soybeans (300mg of ASUs) where it was found significant decrease in pain and joint improvement in those suffering from osteoarthritis of knee and hip. This is basically because ASU fractions are considered to be anti-inflammatory compounds having both antioxidant and analgesic activities.They also have ability to decrease pro-inflammatory mediators such as interleukins, prostaglandins,reduce the production of degradative enzymes and increase aggrecan synthesis.

Aggrecan is a large proteogly can molecule which plays vital role in maintaining cartilage structure and function. Other studies have also reported that ASU has ability to stimulate production of collagen fibres, which forms natural components of muscles,ligaments, tendons and joints thus helping in faster recovery from joint problems. Researchers have also identified that ASU fractions facilitate the cartilage repair in osteoarthritis by having positive effect on osteoblast (cells that help in synthesise and formation of bone).In one vitro studies, where effect of ASU fractions were carried out on treatment and development of osteoarthritic structural changes in bone ligament of dog model. ASU fractions were reported to have positive effect in stimulating the expression of transforming growth factors (TGF) level in knee synovial fluid and prevented the deleterious effect of interleukins on synovial cells. The synovial fluid is a very important part of bone structure as it act as a lubricant which helps in easy movement of joints. Thus any defect in synovial fluid cells can lead to stiffness and pain in joints. Another study invivo, indicated that ASU fractions were found to prevent occurrence of lesions in cartilage tissue and improved the subchondral bone structure significantly.Thus ASU is considered to be currently one of the most promising naturaleffective treatment for arthritis.



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