Obesity: The result of unhealthy life


Nowadays, obesity has become an enormous as well as fatal health problem. This problem is not only in India but in other countries also. Even in United States of America, one out of three adults and one out of five children and teenagers are facing the problem of obesity. In India also, it is sailing in the same boat. Most of the people since childhood fall prey to obesity in most of the countries of the world. In fact, “obesity is that condition of the body in which the amount of fat increases at extreme level’’. In other words, obesity can be defined as ‘’the condition when an individual weighs 20 per cent or more than the ideal weight.’’ A child weighing around 30 pounds (approximately 13.600 kg) or more than the ideal body weight is usually considered an obese. In the state of obesity the body weight of the individual is always more in comparison to height. Due to  a number of health risks of obesity, it has been declared a disease. It has been observed that obese persons usually fall prey to diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, osteoarthritis, flat foot, respiratory problems, varicose veins and liver malfunction, etc.

There can be various causes of obesity, which are described below:

1.EFFECT OF AGE: As the age of the person increases, specifically after 25 years, his body weight also increases at the rate of ½ kg annually as our basal metabolic rate starts declining. 

2.HEREDITY: Due to heredity, the propensity of obesity is usually seen in many families. For example, if the parents are obese, their children are likely to be obese.

3.ENDOCRINOL FACTORS: Obesity may be due to Endocrinol factors. As a matter of fact, the thyroid plays an important part in the obesity of an individual. If it secretes less amount of thyroxin, the person can be obese. Due to endocrine glands, most of the ladies become obese during adolescence, pregnancy and in the state of menopause.

4.HABIT OF TAKING INTOXICANTS AND DRUGS: Nowadays, the propensity of taking intoxicants has increased in our society than ever before. There are various types of intoxicants, such as alcohol, tobacco, opium, morphine, heroin, sedatives, steroids and LSD etc. after taking such intoxicants, when he takes his meal he does not know how much amount of food he has taken. So, overeating takes place.

5.SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE: Children lead a sedentary life. They do not believe in physical exercise. Most of the time they remain inactive. So the unexpected calories are accumulated in their bodies as fat.

6.EATING HABITS: The main reason of obesity is related to eating habits i.e. eating in excessive quantity, eating frequently, eating rich carbohydrate food, eating while reading or watching TV, and eating fatty foodstuffs.

Obesity can be prevented and cured. Here are few steps:1.AVOID FATTY, JUNK AND FAST FOODS:  If you want to prevent obesity you should avoid such types of food in your diet. Fats are known to have maximum number of calories, so as in junk and fast foods.

2.AVOID OVEREATING: To prevent obesity, you should not overeat. It means that you should eat the food according to the requirement of your body.

3.DON’T EAT FREQUENTLY: Those who eat frequently usually take extra calories. Therefore, they become obese.

4.DON’T SKIP MEALS: If you skip your meal i.e. breakfast, lunch or dinner , then the next time you will definitely do overeating which may lead to obesity.

5.AVOID ALCOHOL, SMOKING AND DRUGS: Alcohol is directly absorbed from the stomach in the blood streams and easily stored as fat. It is also applicable in case of smoking and drugs.

6.AVOID RICH CARBOHYDRATED FOOD: Eating carbohydrates is good for health but should be taken in a proper amount.

7.YOGIC EXERCISES: Pranayama and meditative asanas are helpful in preventing and curing obesity.

8.REGULAR PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: People should do aerobic activity for at least 60 minutes per day. Aerobic exercises can be done in the form of running, jogging, cycling, dancing or playing games and sports.

The above mentioned points will definitely change your lifestyle and finally you can get rid of obesity.



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