Most common Early Symptoms of Pregnancy


Every woman is genetically different from other and hence can experience different symptoms during once pregnancy time. Instead even one women can experience two different set of symptoms during her two different pregnancy in her life due to various genetic and external factors. But here we would like to club some common early symptoms of pregnancy which are normally encountered by every pregnant women.


Spotting or implantation bleeding can be the first earliest signs of pregnancy. This usually occurs around 6-12 day after the egg is fertilized when the embryo starts to implants itself on uterine wall. This could be accompanied by some kind of white discharge from vagina and burning sensation sometimes.


Bleeding is usually accompanied by cramping. The cramps resemble that of menstrual cramps and are usually mistaken by many women to decide whether they are really pregnant or not.

Breast Changes

Changes in breast such as they become swollen, sore, and achy and tender occurs due to the changes in hormonal changes after conception. You may also observe the area around the nipples called the areola becoming dark which is also another sign of hormonal changes in body.


Feeling fatigue or tiredness is also early signs of pregnancy that can start soon after conception in first week of pregnancy. This could be due to the increase in hormonal level of progesterone or could be due to lower of blood sugar and blood pressure. Dizziness and fainting are also other symptoms of pregnancy.


Morning sickness or nausea is also common symptom of early pregnancy, but some might not even experience this as this is also related to hormonal changes in body which can differ from person to person.

Frequent urination

This symptom usually starts around 6 to 8 week after conception where you have to make extra trips to bathroom than usual. But frequent urination can also be caused by other factors also such as urinary tract infection, diabetes, or excess intake of fluids.


The increase level of progesterone can cause food to pass slowly through your intestine causing constipation during pregnancy. Hence it is mostly advised to drink plenty of water and take fibre rich food.

Headache and backache

The sudden rise of hormones can lead to headache in many women in early pregnancy. Whereas a chronic back ache is usually observed throughout pregnancy period.

Mood swings

Mood swings are usually due to sudden changes of hormones in the body. And sometimes fatigue and hunger can make your mood swings worst.

Food Cravings

It is not required to have cravings for pickles or ice-cream for every woman. The food cravings actually differ from person to person and they can crave for different type of food. And it is also noticed that some women start get disgusted from some kind of food or their smell or taste. Such symptoms can last throughout pregnancy period.

Missed period

The most obvious early symptom of pregnancy is missed period and is usually taken as confirmative test for pregnancy detection. But it should be also remembered that not always missed period leads to pregnancy. Hence along with this symptoms it is important to keep a check on other signs of pregnancy too.

Please note: Pregnant women can all of these above symptoms or some of them, as we mentioned it completely depends from women to women. But in case you notice any of such symptoms, it is advised to consult your doctor immediately to conform your pregnancy.



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