Late night work increase the fertility Risk in Women


Sleep is very important for every human being for proper rest for their body and as well for their brain after a hectic day schedule. But do you know sleeping is complete darkness really helps than in some dim of light, and especially for pregnant women and who are planning to conceive?

Women who are planning for a baby should avoid staying awake late at nights, health experts suggest. The reason lies in the functioning of an important hormone in their body known as melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by pineal gland located in human brain when it comes in response to darkness. Melatonin has powerful anti-oxidant properties which protect the eggs in female ovaries, especially when women are ready to ovulate. This hormone protect the egg cells from oxidative damage of free radicals formed in body and hence play crucial role in them who wants to conceive.

Therefore health experts strictly advice to maintain at least eight hours of dark period at night, especially for those females who are desperately planning to conceive. Another important precaution they have to take is that this eight hour of sleep or rest in complete darkness should remain constant every day and not change, otherwise the biological clock of body get disturbed which gets complications in conceiving.

Sleeping in dark is found to have significant effect in promoting proper foetal development and health in expecting mothers too. Researchers says, putting on lights at nights can disturb the concentration of melatonin levels in pregnant women thus altering the body’s cycle and thus affecting both mothers health and foetus development. Studies have shown mainly exposure to too much of light decreases the melatonin production in pregnant women causing lot of disturbances in their body functioning that are related with behavioural problems in new-born baby. Some researches even speculate that this disruptions of light and dark cycles when women is conceiving may be related to the rise of attention-deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD) or autism spectrum disorders in small children now a days.

So what precautions should women take when they are planning to conceive in addition taking care of her diet, exercise, weight and medicines? They should take care of their sleep strictly and especially try to sleep in complete darkness for maximum production of melatonin hormone which is not only good for their health but for their foetus development too.

So next time try to avoid those late night TV shows or working late on computer screens, if you seriously planning for a child. This advice is also recommended for pregnant women for proper development of their growing baby.

Sleep on time…have a healthy pregnancy!!




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