Know about Different type or reason for the Miscarriage


    In normal life most of the time women don't recognized that they had miscarriage and also misunderstand with the heavy flow days. There are different reasons for the miscarriage and type of miscarriage.

    Below are few types of Miscarriage:

    Therefore, If you think you may have had a miscarriage, your doctor may use a number of terms to explain what has happened:

    -If a pregnant woman has bleeding, little or no pain, a closed cervix, and is found to still have a fetus with a heartbeat in her uterus, she may have had a threatened abortion. Most pregnancies with early bleeding but with a detectable heartbeat turn out fine.

    -If you have miscarried, your doctor may say you have a blighted ovum, which is a miscarriage that has occurred so early that no clearly defined fetal tissues have formed.

    -An inevitable miscarriage is when bleeding and cramping occur during pregnancy, with an open cervix.-An incomplete miscarriage is when a miscarriage has occurred, but the body does not expel all the tissue from the pregnancy.

    -A complete miscarriage is when all of the tissue from the pregnancy is expelled by the body.-A missed miscarriage is when the fetus has died or has not developed, but the body does not discharge the fetus or tissues from the pregnancy. Sometimes women with missed miscarriages notice that they no longer "feel pregnant."



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