Is Your Child Addicted: Top 6 reasons for Drug addiction in Children


As a parent, one of the biggest responsibility is to raise a child in best possible manner. Parents are the deciding factor in the making of personality, attitude, and habits of children. Drug Addiction in children is the most serious problem faced by today’s parents. They often finds it difficult to handle such situations and they further complicates the situation by turning aggressive and abusing their child. Major drugs to which children are getting addicted are tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, etc. Before learning the ways to check this drug addiction among children, we should have knowledge about the major factors which are responsible for this drug addiction and it will be easy for the parents to control the drugs intake. Major Reasons for increasing Drug Addiction in children can be categorized under following heads:-

Attitude of Parents- as Parents are the first source of learning for the children. So children get affected by the attitude of parents towards intake of drugs. Mostly children come to know about various drugs and their usage from their home only. For Example- if a Child's parent is a frequent user of tobacco So it is more likely for the child to experiment tobacco as compared to the child whose parents are not involved in such activities. 

• Peer Pressure- Most common reason for increasing drug addiction in children is peer pressure among them. Sometimes child’s friend circle is responsible for make him/her addicted to various drugs like tobacco, marijuana, alcohol etc. Peer group is mostly responsible and this addiction starts from experimenting and leads to a regular user of drugs.

• Frustration- Frustration might also be the reason for intake of drugs as nowadays workload over children is increasing at every stage whether school level, graduation level or career level. The sense of competition among children and teenagers is also increasing which leads to high frustration level. This frustration leads to increased intake of drugs as the person who suffers think that drugs intake is the only solution to their frustration.

• Curiosity- Children come to know about various drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana from the environment where they are brought up. This curiosity of children leads to the experimentation of the drugs which leads to the frequent usage of the drugs.

• Pleasure Giving- Generally, Drugs are supposed to provide pleasure to the person who is involved in its intake. So Children are increasing its consumption to seek pleasure due to lack of the real happiness in their life.

• Social Mentality- Nowadays mind set of the present generation is towards the mentality that the people who are involved in the consumption of drugs are more advanced, more attractive. So this mentality acts as a driving force for the children to start with the regular consumption of drugs.

After going through the reasons for the increasing drug addiction in children, Parents should discover ways to control Drug Addiction in their children. To check drug addiction, parents need to behave very intelligently i.e. at times politely making your child understand and at times impose certain rules to control.

• Parents should be involved in a regular conversation with their child to prevent their child from any bad habits. Parents should talk to their child in relation to their child’s peer group, interests.

• Parents should take care of the feelings of their child. They should be aware of the thought process that is their child is going through and moreover they should be cautious about that their child should not feel lonely at any of the times to prevent the addiction of drugs in their child.

• When they initially discover the habit of taking drugs, parents should not ignore this and control their child at this step only. Parents should list all the harmful effects of taking drugs and help their child decide to quit using drugs. 

• Parents should motivate their child by appraising child’s positive attitude and their qualities which will further motivate them to quit consumption of drugs.

• Parents can also take the help of friends and family in controlling their child’s addiction to drugs but the people from whom you seek help should be trustworthy. They should not by any means hurt the feelings of the child.

• Parents should make a plan along with their child the best possible way to make their child free from drug addiction and decide a particular target date which will be the deadline for quitting drugs. Parents should develop some alternatives or any other medium to keep them engaged like sports, Quizzes etc.

• Parents should motivate their child with the help of some reward which possess value in the mind of their child which will lead to the reduction in the consumption of drugs by the child.So to conclude Drug Addiction in children is the major problem of nowadays parents but parents can overcome this problem if they maintain proper conversation with their child and ensure decent peer group and surroundings of their child.



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