Interesting ways to help your kid to eat more veggies


I know it’s a big task for every parent especially mothers, to make their child to eat more vegetables. She always struggle to make her kid to eat cucumber, cabbage, spinach, carrots etc. as vegetables are always not liked by small kids as compared to other foods. But as we know vegetables are rich source of antioxidants which boost our immunity and helps our body to fight against various infection and diseases, they are very important part of meal. But no need to worry, here are some easy and interesting ways which will help your kid to eat more vegetables than usual.

Involve them in kitchen

Take your child to markets, grocery and if possible even to farms where they are grown and help them to pick vegetables of their choice. Indulge them in simple activities like washing vegetables, cutting them in different interesting shapes and also involve them in cooking in their own style which will make them more interesting in eating them.

Make veggies fun

For every child making different cuts and faces on veggies will excite them to eat more. Such as use cauliflowers and broccoli as trees and slices of tomatoes and carrots as flowers will make it more interesting. And what more excite them are those cartoons characters. So use small pieces of cooked vegetable to make their favourite cartoon characters and see how they get excited in finishing their plate.

Offer new vegetables everyday

As we know different types of vegetables are unique in their own nutritional valves especially antioxidants and vitamins and all those are equally important for body’s development and normal functioning. Therefore make sure to add one new vegetable everyday as this will make it more interesting them to eat and will avoid them from getting bored with same type of vegetable.

Use veggies in pop sticks and smoothies

Try to make some interesting recipe’s using normal vegetables. Go through cookery shows, books or through internet to find how to make new and exciting recipes including boring vegetables and make them more exciting. You can make vegetables juices and serve them chilled in summer seasons. You can also mix fruits and vegetables to make smoothies with milk or yogurt.

Serves veggies with dip

Try to serve different veggies like baby carrots, potato finger chips along with healthy dip like hummus. You can also use flavoured curd as a healthy options as a dip along with veggies also.

Don’t struggle with your child

Don’t get frustrated and shout if they not eating because this will make them to hate those vegetables more. This is also same with teenagers hence forcing then will always make them to hate and avoid eating further.

Don’t give up

I know it is not a simple task to make your child eat what they don’t like. But as it is very important to build their immunity which will help them in further life, you should never get frustrated and give up. Hence keep trying till they learn to eat and finish their plate completely.

And most important try to help them understanding the importance of eating vegetables and their health benefits on our body then just forcing them eat which will help them in knowing the importance of eating vegetables. 



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