Importance of having lawn in your home surrounding


Cynodon grass is commonly called as Dhoop grass or Durva is very sturdy. This grass prefers very sunny location. It is quite drought resistant.

Paspalum has a wide leaf blades which makes it as a better choice for semi shade locations. This grass also needs less maintenance, but looks little coarse compare to cynodon varieties.

Korean grass (Zoysia japonica) is highly suitable for smaller areas and home lawns. It has slow growth rate and high tolerance to cold. It is also suitable to poor sandy soil. It makes cushion like turf.

Fescue grass have coarse texture. They are shade tolerant and can survive on inferior soils also.

Cultivating lawn in your home surrounding will always add value to your place just like other household items, adding balconies or changing windows. Thus having good lawn not only will make you happy and relaxed but increase your home appraisal.



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