How to add pomegranate seeds to your diet?


Pomegranate is one of those complicated food to eat which contain pockets of tasty arils inside the edible flesh covered by outer hard skin. Even though it requires little hard work to removes these arils from fruit skin, still everyone loves to eat it. Along with its sweet and tangy flavour, they are excellent source of vitamin C, K, B 5, potassium, manganese,magnesium, zinc and iron. They have high fibre content and low amount of fat,thus making an ideal fruit having wide variety of health benefits. These various components present in the fruit are believed to have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it as a “super food”.Simple tips to follow “How to add pomegranate to your diet”

There are number of ways to add pomegranate to your daily diet.

You can use them in morning breakfast, for afternoon quick lunch or with sweet dish at night by using these simple tips:

Sprinkle them on oatmeal or bowl of cereal in morning breakfast.

Stir them in a glass of orange or apple juice

You can also use them into black tea for a twist where they give slightly tangy taste.

Add them to different smoothies.

Mix them with variety of other fruits like grapes, papaya,mango, apple and blueberries to make nutritious mix fruit salads.

You can add pomegranate seed to a salad of walnuts, goat cheese, spinach and feta cheese with honey based dressing.

You can also mix them with roasted veggies and nuts. They will make them more interesting to eat.

You can use them in variety of soups to make them more delicious.

Make pomegranate juice by simple mixing them into juicer.Where pomegranate seeds are crunchy and tasty to eat, its juice is also refreshing.

To make delicious desserts, just sprinkle them on ice-cream,yogurt, pudding and jellies.

You can bake them along with cakes and pastries which gives it a different texture and look.

You can make pomegranate vinegar by soaking the seeds in vinegar for dressing or marinade. You can use its juice as a marinade for meat.

You can use them in various chutneys or even cam make chutney of its own seeds.


Pomegranate seeds can thus get variety and flavour to number of dishes, turning simple and ordinary dishes to delicious and nutritious too.Hence next time when you go to fruit and vegetable stall, pick these marvelous and healthy fruits and try to use them in your regular diet.

Eat Pomegranate, Stay Healthy!



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