Healthy Tips to reduce Under- Eye Puffiness


Do you feel tired and see those bags of puffiness under your eyes sometimes which make you feel old and annoying? These are nothings, but signs of stress and fatigues. But there are number of our habits, which also leads to puffiness under eyes such as frequently rubbing of eyes, going to bed with make up on, excessive alcohol drinking, less sleep etc. And by following some good and healthy tips we can overcome and reduce this eye problem.  

Tips to reduce under eye puffiness:

Drink more water and cut down on salt Intake

Adequate drinking of water is very important for eyes to feel hydrated and healthy. But at the same time, you need to reduce intake of salt as too much salt in your body leads to dehydration of eyes leading to puffiness. That’s why a heavy loaded dinner with salt will result in morning eye puffiness.

Sleep enough and in Right position

Your eyes tend to get swollen and tired if you don’t give them enough rest and sleep, hence sleeping at regular time is very critical for healthy eyes and to reduce puffiness. Researchers have also indicated the role of position in which you sleep to play important for good eyes, especially at night (long hours of sleep). They says, if you sleep sideways or on stomach, gravity causes fluid to collect under the eyes leading to those pesky eye bags. Hence it is recommended to sleep on back and use extra pillow if required.

Remove your make-up before going to bed

Don’t sleep with your make up on eyes, as it may cause irritation in your eyes which will lead to watery and swollen eyes once you get up. And leaving cosmetics near your eyes can also affects its sight. Therefore it is highly recommended to remove eye make-up and wash gently with soap before hitting your bed.

Cut down on excess Alcohol consumption

Studies have also shown too much drinking can cause dehydration in your body including eyes. So try to keep a check on your alcohol consumption. And it is best to drink good amount of water if you happen to drink more alcohol before going to bed.

Protect your eyes from UV rays

Just like how it is important to protect your body and face from harmful UV rays of sun, especially in peak time, it is as important to protect your skin under the eyes too. Too much exposure to sunlight can make your skin under eyes dry and can lead to wrinkles. Hence prevent excessive exposure to sunrays. Try to use sunscreen and glasses when you have to step out.

Gives your eyes a cool down

Your eyes also needs to cool down and relax. So try to use some simple home remedies like keeping cucumber slices, teabags, and chilled spoons etc. under the eyes to chill and reduce the temperature. As cold removes the puffiness and even dark circles around eyes.

And even after following these eye care tips, your bags around eyes don’t go, then it’s time to visit your doctor. Because some allergies and diseases like thyroid and kidney problems can lead to under-eye fluid retention.



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