Get Information about Breast cancer: Facts and Myths


There are number of myths associated with breast cancer and hence it becomes very important to gather proper knowledge and information regarding this disease before taking any precautions. Hence let’s go through these following points which will help you to understand more about breast cancer.

All breast lumps are cancer

False: It is not important that all lumps on breast leads to cancer. Because many lumps in women are caused by fluid filled sacs which are called as cysts or scar like tissue. But a lump or mass that forms hard, painless and have rough edges can be more like breast cancer. And most important try to observe for other signs like breast pain, swelling, dimpling or reddening of skin area.

Breast cancer only runs through family

False: Any person with breast tissue can suffer from breast cancer including men and women both. But some factors actually increases the chances of having breast cancer, such as if you have previous history of breast cancer, you have more chances to get it. Similarly in your family, your mother or sister has breast cancer, your chances also increases.

Mammogram is the best way to detect early breast cancer

True: Early detection of breast cancer by taking regular mammograms lowers the chances of dying from this disease in women. This test involves the X-ray examination of breast which detects exactly where is the cancer.

Exercise can lower the risk of breast cancer

True: Reports have shown that exercises such as walking, swimming, biking can lower the chances of breast cancer by 10% to 20% in women. And it becomes important for women who is going through menopause stage to do more exercise to reduce the cancer chances.

Being a women is the most important risk factor for breast cancer

True: Yes, it is true. It is reported that breast cancer is about 100 times more common among women than in men, although men can also get it. Age is another factor related to developing breast cancer. It is observed that mostly at the age of 55 or above have more chances of developing breast cancer.

You shouldn’t use deodorant on the day of mammogram

True: this is because some deodorant have ingredients like aluminium that can show some spots on the X-ray film while taking mammogram thus giving wrong results. Hence is advised not to use deodorant or any antiperspirants before going to take test.

Hope the following information on breast cancer have provided you more information and enlightened on the facts related to it.



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