Foods that cause Heartburn


Heartburn is a condition when you feel burning sensation and discomfort from your chest area up to throat. This happens when stomach acid refluxes and flows through a esophageal value which irritates the esophagus more. Certain food are believed to cause this conditions which triggers heartburn and discomfort in that area.

Fatty foods: High fat food take longer time to digest in stomach and hence tend to stay for longer period which are responsible to cause major heart burn problems. Therefore if you having major portion of high fatty foods such as fried chicken, chips and wings, try to limit to smaller portions.

Acidic foods: Acidic food such as tomato sauces and salsa which contain high amount of tomato puree and secondly strong citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons can also trigger heartburn if taken on empty stomach. Vinegar which is also present as a key ingredient in many dishes like pickles, sauces, salad dressing is also responsible to cause heartburn. Therefore it is the best choice to limit the portion of acidic food in your diet such as combing citrus fruits with other vegetables and if you using tomato sauce try to opt for side dish containing lot of boiled vegetables along with it.

Drinks: Not only foods, but there are number of drinks which can also trigger heartburn such as caffeinated beverages, mostly tea and coffee, colas, carbonated drinks and excessive alcoholic beverages. Caffeinated beverages tend to boost acid in stomach and alcoholic beverages reflux the acid in lower esophageal tract leading to heartburn. And sodas can also bloat the stomach which may lead to heartburn.

Chocolate: chocolate also contains caffeine in it which can also lead to heartburning condition. If you can’t avoid completely eating chocolates, try to go for small portion and completely avoid on empty stomach.

Spicy food: Spicy foods such as peppery food and hot sauces are the major culprit for causing burning sensation in heart and stomach. Hence try to avoid or use little in dishes. Secondly onions and garlic aren’t spicy but can also trigger heartburning condition. It is not necessary to go for complete bland food if you experience heart burn, try to minimize the spiciness of dishes you cook.

And most important to remember is that it is not completely food to be responsible for such condition. It might be your eating habits such as over eating, eating large portion of fatty and spicy food together, eating in hurry and sleeping or lying down soon after having heavy food can also lead to heartburn conditions. Hence keeping check on food and other bad habits that can trigger heartburn condition and discomfort is important equally.



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