Follow these 10 health Tips to Enjoy the Rainy Season


There are some simple precautions we can take to maintain our health quotient during this tricky season.
Here are some simple tips...

    1.Blocked gutters and malodorous plashes are a common sight in rainy season. Where possible,try to avoid walking through them as they cause water-borne diseases like diarrhea,cholera and fungal skin infections.In case you do end up walking into one of those puddles,instantly clean them with a dry and soft towel.Keep your shoes, socks, undergarments and raincoats clean and dry all times.

2.Wash your hands with warm water or hand wash as often as you can because you come across so many viruses and bacteria just by holding to an infected railing or bench.

3.Keeping a water of bottle handy is always advisable in rainy season because sweat does not evaporate quickly as the humidity levels are high and this checks the body from releasing heat.

4.Avoid naturally sour foods  and fried food items during this season.

5.Including some bitter vegetables like Fenugreek (methi) seeds and neem in the diet chart  surely help in fighting against diseases.

6.Do not enter air conditioned rooms just after taking bath or in damp clothes.

7.Snacks like Chats, Golas, Sandwiches are always eye-catching but rainy season is the time when you should stay away from them. during rains as they can cause indigestion and stomach infection .Better to eat fresh,home- cooked meals during rains.

8.Drink lots of warm beverages specially herbal teas with antibacterial properties.

9.Never eat if you are not feeling hungry as it is the basic mantra to keep your digestive system stable and healthy.

10.Eat fruits for energy and  keeping water level balanced but avoid eating watermelon,muskmelon as they create swelling in the body.



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