Chronic Hepatitis C Infection- Symptoms, Causes and Precautions


What is Chronic hepatitis C Infection? - Chronic Hepatitis C is a long lasting liver infection which is caused by a virus called hepatitis C virus. It is usually known as acute hepatitis during the first six months stage in infection. But in most people around 80% of acute infection turns into chronic, leading to long lasting hepatitis C infection.

Chronic hepatitis C Risk factors and Causes

Most people are infected with this virus (Hepatitis C virus) when they receive blood into their body from the donor having this virus. This virus also easily get transferred by sharing of infected needles and also transferred from infected mother to child during birth. The other risk factors involved are transmission of this virus by having sex with infected partner. And the chances increases when you already have any other STD (sexual transmitted disease) infection or HIV infection.

Hepatitis C virus does not get transferred by touching, kissing, coughing, sneezing, sharing utensils, and food or through breastfeeding.

Chronic Hepatitis C Symptoms

Many people do not notice or experience any symptoms of this infection for years until and unless they take blood test. But in some it does show symptoms which include:

  • Fatigue
  • Stomach upset
  • Less desire for food
  • Muscle pain especially joint pain
  • Colouration of urine (yellow)
  • Occurrence of jaundice
  • Yellowing of skin and eyes
  • Bleeding and bruising easily


Treatment of Hepatitis C infection

Treatment of Hepatitis C infection depends from person to person. There are number of drugs approved by FDA for this infection which include: Telaprevir, simeprevir, ribavirin, sofosbuvir, standard interferon alfa etc.

But along with medicines other lifestyle changes are recommended by doctors such as:

Regular exercise will make you feel better and stronger and also helps to alleviate any side effects of drugs taken in treatment of this disease like drugs like pegylated interferon results in depression in patients.

Eating well-balanced and nutritious diet helps in better recovery. And hence it is advised to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and strictly avoid sugars and fats.

Most important you need to stop drinking alcohol, as alcohol consumption will damage your liver more which would make dangerous situation in Hepatitis c infection.


You need to take certain precautions to avoid such infections such as:

Avoid sharing of needles, razors and even tooth brush.

Cover your wound or cut with proper first-aid help.

Carefully dispose sanitary napkins, tissues or used bandages that might have blood on it.

Take proper medical help and test before donating blood, organs or any tissue.

And most important encourage your sex partner, spouse and family members for regular check-up. And if you find any of such symptoms of Hepatitis C infection, consult your doctor immediately before it spreads to other members in family.




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