Best Hairstyles Tips for your Hair


Every girl enjoys getting different hairstyles for their hair, to look more beautiful and attractive. But experts says, trying different types of hairstyles and different products on your hair can actually harm their growth and condition, making them  weak and dull. Hence it is best to try only those hairstyles which suits you better and your hair condition. Here are some hairstyles tips for you to know.


Curly hair

Curly hair is one of the most attractive type of hairstyle which could be achieved in parlour by getting curls on your straight hair but in some found naturally. And if you are blessed naturally with curly hair, then you don’t have to try any other hairstyle on it as it has its own beauty. And therefore no need to pile several products and creams on them to make them straight. All you need a good conditioner to make them fluffy and smooth. Try using wide-toothed comb to spread your curly hair as thin-toothed comb can spoil and break them. You can also use dryer to spread and dry them evenly but it is best to leave them open and air dry. Remember, the best style for curly hairs is to keep them simple and open with minimum hair styling.

Wavy hair

Some are blessed with natural waves on their hair and hence you need to preserve them without spoiling their natural beauty. To define and smoothen the waves on hair, try using curl cream and then drying them partially using air blower. Because drying them completely will remove their softness and curls. And if you want wavier look on your hair, try some twist and turns to make them more beautiful.

Flat Tresses

Many women believe getting more curls or waves or layers to their straight hair will give them prettier look. But it’s not true. If you have straight and long hair, try to keep their natural beauty intact, because trying different products to make them curl or any other style will make them thin and weak. And remember, those having strong, straight and thick hair is in always style as that gives fuller and classy look. So if you are blessed with those lovely long and straight hair, don’t chop them to make layers.

Frizzy and Dry hair

Women having frizzy and dry hair become a big problem to them while sleeping as they tend to break and spoil due to the friction caused. Hence it is advised to change the any pillow cover material with silk, as silk will cause less damage and make them look soft.

Greasy strands

Your hair strands become greasy when your scalp produces more oil, and therefore experts says it is best to apply hairsprays or serum or any conditioner from midway to down the ends of strands. And you should avoid touching your scalp also too often as it will make your hair look more greasy and sticky.

Gray hair

Gary hair looks more wiry and coarse in texture as compared to other hairs, hence very important to choose proper hair conditioner and shampoo to soften them and look better. Experts says try to use conditioner which are infused with jojoba, flaxseeds or avocado oil which are excellent source of vitamin and omega3 fatty acids that promote healthy growth of hair. And these natural shampoos are safe too as harmful chemicals used in others can spoil the condition of gray hair more. Gray hair requires also proper conditioning as this will make them smooth and shiny.

And hence whatever the type of hair you have, try to use the hairstyle and hair products that will cause less damage and harm to your lovely hair. Hair are also very important part of your body and beauty and therefore try to preserve and appreciate their natural look than going for artificial ones.



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