Bad habits that can ruins your skin


In our daily routine life we are indulge in so many bad habits that damage our skin knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes we are so careless about this bad habits, we don’t realise their harmful effect unless they cause severe problems to our health and body parts. Therefore it is very important to keep a check on our daily habits and correct them on time before they cause dangerous effect.

Skin is an essential part of our body as other organs and tissues. It serves as an outer covering for full body protecting from infections and maintaining the overall temperature of the body. But it is observed that skin being the outer surface organ is always neglected and not given proper care what it deserve. Note down these few simple daily bad habits that ruins your skin texture and its health and therefore should be avoided.

Frequent Hot water bath

It is always seen people indulge in hot water bath as compared to cold or luke warm water. It is not recommended to have go hot water bath too frequently as it damages your body skin. Hot water result in removal of natural lipids such as cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides from skin which actually act as barrier against infection and prevent dehydration of skin. Try to limit showers using too hot water and take bath preferably in warm or luke warm water.

Using too much of deodorant soaps

Deodorant soaps and foaming face wash contains harmful chemicals and irritants like sodium lauryl sulphate that damages your skin similar like hot water. These chemicals too removes the protective lipid layer from skin making skin more exposed to infection and injuries. Chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate cause irritation to skin when used regularly resulting in reddening and inflammation.

Exposure to UV rays

Too much exposure to sunlight makes your skin dry and dehydrated. The harmful UV rays present can even burn your skin if exposed for longer periods resulting in serious skin related problems such as skin cancers. Therefore it is highly recommended to use sunscreen when the sun rays are more intense at higher altitudes.

Experimenting new cosmetic products

Another common mistake what normally women makes that uses too many cosmetics and experimenting on their skin. Using such cosmetics without proper knowledge about the product can damage your skin such as swelling, rash or darkening. Hence it always safe to use such products which are more reliable than just experimenting different brands.

Using steam at home

Dermatologist recommend using steam for face to open the pores and clean the dirt. But it has to be noted that steaming should be done under proper supervision, otherwise it can cause negative effect on skin and even burn the face.

Scrubbing skin to become fairer

It is a myth that too excessive scrubbing can make skin fairer. But instead it is observed that too much of scrubbing makes your skin dry and dehydrated. So, just don’t believe such myths and don’t act too hard on your skin.

Waxing your face

Waxing of facial hair is a big blunder which many women makes to get rid of their facial hair. Because experts says waxing is traumatic to hair follicles and can lead to infection and inflammation. This can also lead to early development of wrinkles and scars on face. Hence it is advisable to visit salons for proper treatment for hair removal on face and other parts of body.   

Therefore it is always seen because of our negligence or incorrect information, we can cause harmful effect on our delicate skin causing early development of wrinkles, lines, and skin damage. Hence it is very important to take care of skin, as it is an essential part of our body, and proper care and treatment will make your skin glowing and healthy.



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