Anti-cancer Diet after Breast cancer Surgery


Just after breast cancer surgery in women, it is very important to take care of her diet and health for faster and better recovery. And health experts says proper nutrition and regular exercise are very important to regain energy after breast cancer treatment.

Nutition to ease Breast cancer symptoms

Nausea and vomiting are found to be major symtoms observed in many womens after breast cancer therapy. This symptoms become more common when you go through chemotherapy or radiation as a part of cancer treatment. Other symptoms are loss of appetite and which gradually leads to weight loss and weakness. Hence fodd experts recommends these following tips to follow to prevent nausea after breast cancer surgery:

Try to opt for several smaller meals than eating junk food at once.

Incorporate more protein shakes , liquid protein rich drinks instead of solid foods as these are very easy to digest and energetic too.

Eat simple protein rich soups such as chicken and vegetable broth.

Nutrition for healing after Breast cancer therapy

After breast cancer treatment, body needs more nutrition and energy to repai cells and tissues, fight infections and heal incisions.Therefore doctors always suggest a protein rich food after therapy to recover faster. Here are some more tips to follow after the therapy:

Try to add more protein to regular diet such as protein powder or dry milk powder.

Add grated cheese to salads, vegetables, rice, potato mash etc.

Eat more of high protein snacks such as almonds, cheese and peanuts.

Anti-cancer diet for life long

Health experts or dietician suggest following guidelines while planning for an proper anti-cancer diet. Try to incorporate them for better and faster recovery from breast cancer treatment symptoms.

Use low fat protein food for life time to provide adequqte amount of ennergy. this include roasted chicken, baked fish and avoid high fat meals like sausafes, and meat products.

Always try to eat five different servings of vegetables daily to boost your energy level. Vegetables and fruits are rich source of antioxidants which are required to protect cells from further damage.

Incorporate lycopene and beta-carotene fruits and vegetables like carrots, apricots , oranges beacause researchers says beta-carotene foods help to lower the risk of breast cancer. And lycopene rich foods such as tomatoes prevent recurrence of breast cancer.

Strictly avoid processed foods linked to cancer such as hot dogs, bacon, and smoked meats.

Incorporate whole grain foods like whole grain bread and brown rice instead of white bread and white rice.

Strictly avoid alcohol consumption.

Most important take proper medical help and advice from your doctor while making changes in your diet after surgery. Because you should not starve from important nutrients from food that your body need for recovery and healing process after breat cancer surgery.



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