8 Tips to get more sleep


Sleep is as important as food for body, mind and your soul to relax and cool down. Proper sleep will keep you calmer and relaxed which in turn will help you to feel more energetic once you wake up in morning, pushing you to work better.

1. Maintain your bedroom quiet and dark

Keep your room completely dark to get optimum sleep. Use heavy curtains, window blinds to keep room completely dark. Try using eye mask to avoid light affecting sleep. Even various electronic items such as LED, LCD lights on TVs, music players can hamper sleep and should be kept out of room. Avoid putting on bright lights when you get up in between at night. Try to use dim or small night light instead. Don’t use loud voice before going to sleep. And in case some noise is affecting your sleep, use earplugs to cut noise pollution.

2. Eat limited food

It is always advisable to eat less food at night. Try to avoid large and heavy meals at night as it leads to indigestion or acidity problem. In case if you feel hungry, drink a glass of milk before going to bed. It is believed that natural chemical L-tryptophan found in milk helps to sleep better.

3. Set proper time to sleep

 Try to set a regular time to sleep at night. Go to bed at about same time everyday which helps to get good sleep. Avoid taking too long nap time in afternoon. And even if you take a nap, try to keep it short for at least for 10 to 15 minute. A health expert says a good time to nap is around 8 hours after you wake up.

4. Calm and relax before bedtime

Avoid working on heavy task before going to bed, especially those that include computers and other electronic devices. Similarly try to keep worries and tensions out of mind before going to bed.

5. Keep your bedroom only for sleep and to relax

It is best advisable to use your bedroom only to relax and sleep. Avoid doing other tasks like working on computers, watching TV etc.

6. Avoid smoking and drinking

Nicotine and alcohol act as a stimulant which keeps your brain active at night. Hence drinking and smoking just before bedtime and even in between sleep is not recommended as it can ruin your sleep at night completely. Alcohol may make you sleep initially but it will hamper your sleep in between as you may have to face more frequent trips to bathroom.

7. Stop having caffeine

Similar to nicotine in cigarettes, caffeine also acts as stimulant that disturbs sleep at night. Therefore all items containing caffeine such as cola, coffee, tea and chocolate are not advisable to eat just before going to bed.

 8. Keep your pets out of bedroom

If you have pets around you in bedroom, they can disturb your sleep at night. Hence it is best to leave your pets in their room to get proper and undisturbed sleep.

Hence it is very important to take care of your sleep as it determines further proper functioning of body and mind. And is as important as other activities like eating ,breathing in our life. So dont neglect sleep and get good amount of healthy sleep for healthy body.



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