7 Causes of Night Sweats


You may experience a common problem called as night sweats many times, for which you may have even visited doctors. But it is important to know whether this night sweat problem is normal or abnormal condition. Because if you are wearing too much of bedclothes or warm clothes and your bedroom temperature is already high, then experience night sweats is common and normal condition. But if you are experiencing severe hot flashes at night even after taking care of other conditions which makes you totally drenched with sweats, then it is a health related problem.

Such night sweat problems can be caused by many factors some of which are listed below:

Menopause: This is a very common factor to cause night sweats in women. And the condition in which night sweats are experience during menopause is called hot flashes. It is important to differentiate the symptoms of hot flashes like night sweats from other co

Infections: Tuberculosis, infections of respiratory tract is also major cause of night sweats.  And other bacterial infections which are also associated with intense sweating at night are endocarditis (inflammation of heart valves), osteomyelitis (inflammation of bones) and bacterial abscesses. Night sweats are also reported in Human Immunodeficiency infection.

Cancers: Night sweats are early signs of some kind of cancers, where the most common is lymphoma (cancer that affect immune system). And night sweats are usually accompanied with other symptoms in cancer infections such as weight loss and fevers.

Medications:  Taking certain medicines can cause severe sweating at night. Among which drugs like anti-depressants are the common type which cause night sweats. It is reported that around 8% to 22% of people taking anti-depressants drugs suffer from night sweats. Other medicines such as those which are taken to lower fever (aspirin and acetaminophens) can also leads to sweating a night.

Hormonal disorders: Night sweating or flushing can be also seen associated with various hormonal disorders such as carcinoid syndrome (set of symptoms caused by carcinoid tumours that grow from endocrine cells), pheochromocytoma (tumour of adrenal gland tissue), and hyperthyroidism (condition when thyroid gland makes too much of thyroid).

Hypoglycaemia: low blood sugar in body level or also known as hypoglycaemia can also result in night sweating. It is usually observed that people who take oral diabetes medicines or insulin injections show hypoglycaemia at night that is usually accompanied with sweating.

Neurological conditions: there are number of neurological conditions that are associated with night sweating problem such as posttraumatic syringomyelia (disorder in which cyst or cavity forms in spinal cord), autonomic dysreflexiaand (condition where nervous system overreacts with external stimuli), autonomic neuropathy.

Therefore if you experience severe sweating at night regularly and if it not a normal condition, you need to visit your healthcare expert or doctor on priority basis to detect the exact cause of this condition.why



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