5 Major Health benefits of Yoga


Yoga is not simply to meditate or to touch your toes. It requires proper practice and dedication. If practiced in correct way, it is a great way to increase flexibility and strength of a body. The poses that are followed in yoga are known as “asanas”. Some of the asanas are for breathing and for relaxation of body and mind. Overall the health benefits of yoga can be classified as:

1.Yoga for flexibility

Yoga helps in stretching of body muscles which can make you feel better and less tired. At any level of yoga you start to notice benefits soon. It was observed in one study that people improved flexibility up to 35% after 8 weeks of regular yoga. Many poses example downward and upward dog pose, plank pose helps to develop upper body strength. Some of the poses that build lower back include upward dog and the chair pose.

2.Yoga for better posture

When the muscle strength increases and become more flexible, your posture improves automatically. Mostly all standing and sitting poses helps to develop overall posture and core strength as your core muscles helps to maintain each pose in proper way. Yoga also helps to increase body awareness. Yoga helps you to notice quickly if you are slumping or slouching so that it helps to adjust posture properly.

3.Yoga for Breathing

The major role of yoga is that it involves paying attention for proper breathing exercise, which also helps to relax. This mainly involves specific breathing techniques. And therefore it is different from other aerobic exercises carried out in gym like cardio or running or cycling.

4.Yoga to make you calmer

Yoga helps to make you more relaxed and calmer. Some yoga aasans are like meditation techniques which plays important role when you are stresses out. And meditation poses mainly involves on focussing on breathing during yoga.

5.Yoga for overall health

Yoga is important for overall body and functioning of all body parts. It helps to lower the blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. A slower heart rate have further more advantages for people suffering from high blood pressure and other heart diseases, especially for those who has heart stroke. Yoga also helps in lowering down cholesterol and triglyceride level and improves overall immune system of the body.

These are major five health benefits of yoga which actually takes care of entire body system and hence practising yoga is always found to be beneficial.



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